Stash Houses

Stash Houses are homes where drug dealers repackage bulk drugs for distribution throughout the United States.
Narcotics Hotline: (623) 930-3353.  You can remain anonymous.

The following lists the typical indicators of a stash house. These indicators alone do not necessarily mean that the occupants of the home are running a drug stash house but these symptoms warrant contacting the Police for further investigation.

  1. Most drug stash houses are rental homes.
  2. Stash house caretakers prefer homes with attached garage. (subjects pull into garage and shut garage door before they exit vehicle as not to be seen).
  3. Yard is untidy, although sometimes they send someone periodically to clean it up to avoid attention.
  4. Usually little, if any, furniture in the home. (Suddenly living in residence without seeing any furniture move in).
  5. Occupants tend to keep to themselves, and they will not be visible on a daily basis.
  6. If the occupants are actually living at the stash house, they will not appear to hold a regular job, or have a "normal"pattern of lifestyle.
  7. Different types of vehicles, especially vans and pickup trucks will enter and exit the garage at different hours of the day or night (quite often they prefer to work in the night time or early morning hours).
  8. The vehicles arriving at the stash house will have different license plates on them, including California, New York, and Mexico. Temp "paper" tags, or dealer plates.
  9. You may not see anyone at the stash house for several days or weeks, and then there will be a lot of activity (as described above) at the house.
  10. There may be an accumulation of advertisement material on the front door.
  11. Stash house occupants do not usually put their trash out for regular collection, but instead, prefer to dump it at another location themselves.
While you can remain anonymous, it helps the Police if your provide a description of subjects, vehicles and behaviors and leave a contact number so detectives can contact you.