Rental Properties


Arrowhead Ranch Phase II Homeowners Association is pleased to announce that it has recently established a Tenant Registration Policy.  All owners of rental properties in Arrowhead Ranch Phase II HOA will be required to register their tenants with the Association by use of the simple form.  The management company and Board of Directors see that this is a necessary step to ensure the welfare and safety of all owners, residents, and guests. 

The Management Company and the Board of Directors believe that having owners and tenants formally register and sign this Tenant Registration document will mean greater accountability from homeowners and their tenants.  The result should be fewer CC&R violations, fines and fees to respective property owners.  One of the many benefits to this new program is that tenants will be a more viable part of the community.  They will receive personalized correspondence from the HOA and Association documents on a searchable disk for their information and review.

The charge for processing this registration for an offsite owner is $25.00 each time there is a change in tenant.  This fee will be charged to all existing contracts currently in place as well as each additional new contract.  Existing contracts between owners and tenants will not be grandfathered into this new program.