Crime Prevention

Stop Home Theft and Burglaries

  • Consider using a bolt or other passive garage door lock at night or when you are away. Garage doors can be pried up, allowing thieves entry to your garage and your home.
  • Keep doors, windows and gates locked including all doors into the garage and between the garage and your home.
  • Keep garage doors closed unless working in the garage. Avoid "snatch and grab."
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed around windows, doors and gates.
  • Leave front lights on at night or install motion detectors that trigger a security light.
  • Install a timer on an interior house light so it goes on and off randomly.
  • Install a security system. Monitored is optimum.
  • Don't hide a house key outside. Thieves know where to look.
  • Don't open the door until you know who is there. Install a peephole or security door if necessary.
  • On vacation, leave lights on timers on. Have a friend or neighbor check the house and pick up papers. Have your mail picked up daily or have the PO put it on hold at Stop all deliveries, especially daily papers. Put all valuables, cash, jewelry and important legal documents in a safe deposit box.
  • OPERATION ID-Engrave your drivers license number on the back of personal property that may be attractive to burglars. Check out engravers free at a Glendale Public Library. Contact our Police Crime Preventions Specialist Chuck Ebespacher at 623-930-2498 or
  • HOME SECURITY INSPECTION - You can also contact CPS Ebespacher to schedule a home security inspection for tips on how to improve your home security.

Stop Vehicle Theft

  • Park your vehicle in the garage. If you must park your car outside, consider installing alarms, or locks such as "The Club".
  • Keep the garage door closed to avoid "snatch and grab" theft. Lock both vehicle and garage doors.
  • Lock doors and trunk while driving, during short stops and when parked. Keep windows up when driving or parked.
  • Avoid leaving any articles in the vehicle and never leave articles in sight. Always take keys and purses.
  • Park in busy, well lit areas. If parked on the street, turn wheels to the curb and set the emergency brake.
  • Don't hide a spare set of keys in or on the vehicle. Do not leave a garage door opener in your vehicle. If your car is stolen and you have any address information in the glove compartment, the thief has your address and access to your home as well as your vehicle.
  • Have your car windows etched with the VIN number. VIN ETCHING helps prevent theft because it is expensive to replace the car windows and thieves may look for easier targets. It only takes about 10 minutes to etch the windows. Check the PD web site for more information.  2008 VIN ETCHING dates are March 1, September 27 and October 25.
  • Register for free "Watch Your Car" state program.  Vehicles registered under this program receive decals that allow the police to stop a vehicle on the road between 1AM and 5AM. Visit the site for details and other anti-theft tips and reports.
  • Other protection devices include Immobilizing devices such as: smart keys, high security locks and keys, fuse cut offs, kill switches, starter ignition and fuel disablers and a tracking system (Lo-Jack).

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