Paint & Painting


All exterior painting requires the prior approval of the Architectural Committee.
Paint Policies have been adopted for the Association as a guide for homeowners and the Architectual Review Committee for decision making on paint requests.
A paint palette has also been adopted for the Association.  The Association has been divided into 4 areas based on primary roof color.  Each of the 4 areas has its own paint palette.  To determine the paint palette for your home, print the Paint Brochure described below or click the "Roof Area" link below then go to the "Paint Palette" link and view the palette for each area.   
You may view the palette paint chips and suggested schemes at the PDS reception area.  See the FAQ tab at the left for frequently asked questions concerning painting.
To view or print, click on the links below:
    Architectural Review Paint Application form  
    Roof Map
    Paint Palette (Dunn Edwards Website - Enter Zipcode)      
Reference Account # 083809-009 for major cost savings at any Dunn Edwards paint store.  Contact HOA Paint Rep. Allan Tucker for discounts and advice on Dunn Edwards Paint and Painter Referrals.