Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a very effective tool for neighborhoods. Combining the eyes and ears of the area residents, and opening the lines of communication, the Police Department has found that it has a major impact on crime and disorder. A little extra knowledge about your neighbors and their patterns helps to bring criminal activity to the forefront and also tends to make it more palatable to call the police.
Allocation of police personnel and resources is based upon the needs of the community. One of the measures of this need is calls for police service. When neighbors begin to communicate, and are not intimidated to call the police, extra manpower and equipment is dispatched and a discernible reduction in crime is seen.

We have several Neighborhood Watch groups in Arrowhead Ranch Phase II.  Generally their formation has been prompted by a crime or other activity that brings home the fact that by taking proactive measures we can feel safer in our neighborhoods and home. 

Click this link for an overview of how the Neighborhood Watch program works, how to get started, time involved, and other basics.  If you are interested in setting up a Neighborhood Watch for your area, contact Chuck Buffington, our area Glendale Police Crime Prevention Specialist, for information.   

Officer Chuck Buffington #9546
Foothills Community Action Team
Desk: (623) 930-2507
Cell: (623) 764-8435