New Small Grant Application Approved!!

The $5000 2009 Neighborhood Partnership Small Grant was approved by the City of Glendale Commission on Neighborhoods in September, 2009.  This grant will help with costs of installing new granite and refurbishing the landscaping on Union Hills between 77th and 79th Avenues.  This is the last area along both 75th Avenue and Union Hills still in need of improvements.  Thanks to all who participated in the survey. 


History of Successful Neighborhood Partnership Grants

(links below take a while to load as they are big files with pictures)

FALL 2008 Grant Application for 75th Avenue (Utopia to Union Hills) - Approved  ($26,685)
Funding approved to move irrigation away from walls, add new granite and curbing, repairing and repainting the walls, filling in gaps in the oleander and citrus trees and putting the big flower bed at 75th/Union Hills on separate timing.  The HOA contribution is the remaining refund from the 2005-06 grant and $350 in member contributions.  Thanks to good pricing and help from the city, we were also able to fill in the gaps in the landscaping on 75th Ave north of Utopia and on Union Hills from 75th to 77th Avenues at no additional cost. 
2005-2006 75th Avenue (Adobe to Loop 101) - Project Complete ($105,111 Grant)
All new irrigation and landscaping and wall repair/repainting.  We were able to complete additional work at NO additional cost to the HOA including painting and patching all the walls at the Adobe entrance, raising the lighting control box above water spray and installing new oleanders on the narrow part of Adobe to fill in the gaps.  View the before and after results. 
2008 75th Avenue (Adobe to Utopia) - Project Complete ($20,000 Grant)
The grant paid for raising the ground level next to the walls, new granite, curbing to contain the granite, and repairing/repainting the adjacent community wall.  The HOA contribution was all the irrigation adjustments to  move irrigation away from walls, installing drip irrigation and putting flower beds on separate timers.  View the before and after results.
2008 Union Hills/79th Avenue Entrance Monument Improvements - Project Complete ($5,000 Grant)
Complete renovation of entrance monument area and wall.  View the before and after results.
2008 79th Avenue (Union Hills to Kerry) - Project Complete ($24,480 Grant)
The grant paid for new granite.  The HOA contributed plants and trees and irrigation adjustments.  View the before and after results. 

2008 Fall 75th Avenue (Union Hills to Utopia) - Project Complete ($26,685 Grant)
The grant paid for moving the irrigation away from the walls, granite, curbing and new oleander and citrus to fill in gaps in the landscaping.  The HOA contributed the patching and painting of the community walls and irrigation adjustments to the monument bed at 75th Ave/Union Hills.  View the before and after results.