Member participation is key to having a diverse range of opinions expressed about issues facing the Board.  Our Committees are a key means of gaining that participation and they provide the Board with recommendations that have been thoroughly researched and discussed.  

  • The Architectural Review Committee reviews and acts on applications by Members to change the exterior of their home or property as required by the CC&R's and Architectural Guidelines.  This committee has final approval authority subject to appeal to the Board.
  • The Landscape Committee makes recommendations concerning all aspects of our landscape assets including our maintenance contract, bids, irrigation, flower beds and needed improvements/maintenance.  With nearly 5 miles of street parkways, 8 acres of turf, 8 flower beds, 120 palm trees, 15,500 linear feet of community walls, 500 linear feet of wrought iron and 12 community entrance signs maintained by the HOA, the Committee discussion and recommendations are critical to preserving landscape assets of the Membership.
  • The Lakes Committee makes recommendations concerning all aspects of our 6 HOA owned and maintained lakes.
  • The Communications Committee produces the quarterly newsletter, drafts surveys and otherwise recommends ideas to the Board for enhancing communication with the Membership. 
  • The Neighborhood Safety was recently formed to help educate Members on safety issues, help support Neighborhood Watch groups, send crime related email alerts and liaison with the Police Department on crime issues affecting the HOA.
  • Ad hoc Committees are temporary committees established by the Board to study and recommend on special issues.  Past examples include the Rental Committee, Rules Revision Committee, and Guidelines & Paint Palette Revision Committee.  These committees are disbanded when their task is complete.

We hope Members will consider joining one or more of these important committees.  Use the form below if you are interested in volunteering your time or would like more information.