FAQs - Architectural Review

Q:  What are the Architectural Guidelines?
A:  They are rules governing any exterior alterations.  They are adopted by the Board pursuant to the CC&R's.  In general, ANY exterior alteration requires prior approval of the Architectual Review Committee(ARC).  The Board has adopted Architectural Guidelines to further define the actions and improvements that require prior ARC approval and those that do not.  Failure to abide by these Guidelines can result in fines.  View the Architectural Guidelines in searchable .pdf format.

Q: Who makes up the ARC?
A:  The Committee is comprised of three full and two alternate volunteer Members appointed by the Board of Directors.  Two affirmative votes are required to approve an application.

Q: Where can I get a ARC form?
A:  From PDS or the Document Center.  Be sure to include paint chips or manufactures brochures to avoid delay in processing you application.
Q: How long does approval take?
A: Completed applications are generally acted on twice a month but approval may take up to 30 days.    If you are applying for approval to paint and the colors are on the approved palette, you may be eligible for administrative approval by the Community Manager if you are not requesting approval for special popout or trim painting.  Be sure to note your request for administrative approval on the application.

Q: What if I'm denied?
A:  You can resubmit a different application to the ARC immediately or you can appeal the decision of the ARC to the Board of Directors.  Contact the Community Manager concerning appeal procedures.