Architectural and Paint Information

When selecting paint colors, please refer to the Roof Map to determine what Area your home is in. Each Area has a different paint palette to chose from. 

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10456287786 Architectural Guidelines 2020 Architectural Guidelines 2020315954 KBarchitectural_guidelines_2020.pdf8/12/2020
20152880786 Golf Course Facing Walls Golf Course Facing Walls227104 KBgolf_course_facing_walls.pdf9/18/2017
30153151786 Paint Palette - Area 1 Colors Paint Palette - Area 1 Colors4742 MBarea 1 colors.pdf9/21/2017
40153152786 Paint Palette - Area 2 Colors Paint Palette - Area 2 Colors4841 MBarea 2 colors.pdf9/21/2017
50153153786 Paint Palette - Area 3 and 4 Colors Paint Palette - Area 3 and 4 Colors7862 MBarea 3 and 4 colors.pdf9/21/2017
604190786 Roof Map Roof Map 3494389 KBRoof_Map.pdf1/5/2012
70252115786 Architectural Form - Construction Architectural Form - Construction1022145 KBap2 hoa arch construction form 8-23-18.pdf10/4/2018
80252116786 Architectural Form - Landscaping Architectural Form - Landscaping1027120 KBap2 hoa arch landscaping form 8-23-18.pdf10/4/2018
90252117786 Architectural Form - Painting Architectural Form - Painting1251136 KBap2ii hoa arch painting form 8-23-18.pdf10/4/2018