2008 Member Survey

115 Members responded to this year's Member Survey.  To view the detailed response report and a summary of Member comments click on 2008 Member Survey

Several Members commented on a couple of areas and a general response is provided here.

Convert grass to granite to conserve water - the HOA is under contract with the City of Glendale, through Arrowhead Amenities, Inc., to use and pay for the effluent water produced by the Oasis Water Treatment Plant.  We are required to maintain our grassed areas under the development agreements.  We do not use potable water for irrigation except in one very small area near Adobe and 75th Ave not served by these effluent lines. 

Rental Property-  Our CC&Rs are silent on rental property except to make the owner responsible for the actions of tenants so there is no limit set on the number of homes that may be rented.  Changing the CC&Rs would require a super majority vote of the entire membership and this is a complex legal issue.  In 2005 the HOA undertook a "Rental Study" and many of the recommendations have been implemented through amendments to our "Rules" including a new fine policy.  Unfortunately, enforcement issues are not limited to rental properties and some of most egregious problems are related to owner occupied homes.