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Lake 10 Update - 11/20/2018

We want to share the information that we’ve learned and our plan moving forward.

The Board has heard the Lake 10 owners’ concerns and the overall goal is to renovate the area while respecting the desires of the homeowners.  We are all eager to reach a resolution on this issue and to bring Lake 10’s shoreline and the HOA’s common area to the standards expected within our community.

There has been some confusion on where the property line and easement line run across the properties.  The surveyor who did the 2016 survey of the land was contacted and he met on-site to confirm these property/easement lines.  The property line, the dividing line between your property and the HOA common area, runs across the end of the block walls. This means that everything from the end of your block wall to the lake is HOA common area.  The Association also has a ten-foot easement that runs into your lot for maintenance of the common area; however, one of the Board’s goals is to maintain the common area without having to enter any homeowner’s property.  Please keep in mind that Lake 10 will not be open to the public and will continue to be locked as it is today.  Only the HOA Board, Management Company and our maintenance vendors will be able to access Lake 10 and only when necessary.

Since the property lines between the owners and the HOA have been clearly defined, the Board and Management Company has put together an RFP (request for proposal) and sent it to the vendors who were interested in bidding this project in the past.  The response has been slow so far as most large contractors are extremely busy this time of year.  As such, we are reaching out to more contractors so we can obtain the three bids the Board requires prior to approving this type of project.  The Board will provide updates on the Lake 10 renovation at our next Board meeting on November 20.