Architectural Review


Our CC&R's require prior approval by the HOA Architectural Committee before any exterior changes, including painting, are made.  This requirement has been further refined and explained in the adopted "Architectural Review Guidelines".  These "Guidelines" describe exactly which improvements do and do not require prior Architectural Committee approval.  The "Guidelines also included the Association's adopted "Paint Palette and Paint Polices". 
The Architectural Review Committee meets twice per month. 
View, search and print the Architectural Guidelines. The Architectural Guidelines may be searched by keyword to help you find exactly what rules you are looking for.
See the Paint and Painting tab for painting rules, the adopted paint palette, and other information or click downloadable paint brochure to a single brochure containing paint policies, the map and palette.
Architectual Review Application Forms
Please be sure to download the appropriate form for the type of request you are making.  Submit multiple forms if appropriate.